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Why am I nervous at doing W9R1?

I am just in from my W8R3. As per normal it wasn't easy and I spent the first 5 minutes thinking to myself how there is no way I can do this only to warm up and somewhow survive and get through. I am just updating my mp3 player to have the week 9 podcast and I am suddenly quite fearful.

On the 3 x 28 minute runs this week I was tempted to just try and go those extra 2 minutes but managed to resist the urge. I thought I would be looking forward to the 30 minutes but instead I am pretty nervous now that it is finally close. I am wondering if it is the same as the fear/excitement of the 5 minutes in W4 or the 20 minutes in W5 only more intense? Surely it is only 2 minutes and I can do it?

I am wondering if it is because I timed my run today which I had not previously done. I know it is couch to 30 minutes but wondered what my pace was. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that at the pace I ran today I should run 4.7km in 30 minutes on Sunday. I figured that with the 2 following runs to graduation surely I could manage an extra 300m? Then I started to recall how much I slow down for the last 5 minutes or so due to a hefty uphill slope and worry that I will go slower over the extra minutes and even less. I wish I hadn't bothered checking!

I should maybe just stop mulling it over and take it as it comes. Maybe it is just a funk that I am 3 runs and 1 week away from being finished. Can any recent graduates relate to this?

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you're doing incredibly well to be that near 5k already, as you can see from the rest of the site it takes most people a long time after graduating to get there.

I think sometimes the idea of something being over is a bit scary. It's been a challenge and you've enjoyed it and but once you've done it, well, you've done it. What's next?

Give yourself a huge pat on the back stop stressing and enjoy every moment of your last three runs!


Awesome advice! Spot on I think. Nothing further to add except well done and I hope you smash it!


Yes, great advice. You're pretty fast already, so don't go and blow it worrying about the 5k side of things! Just go easy and you'll do the 30 minutes with no problems.

You can save the 5k for a postgraduate treat for yourself!


Enjoy your week 9 three runs and stop worrying! ;-)

Then your next challenge is to share with us your kilt legs! ;-) :-)

ps I'm doing the Balmoral Tartan 10K in my mini kilt in April. :-)


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