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Calf muscles


I have just got on to week 6 run 2 and though I complemented the 20 run in week 5 with no problems I'm now really struggling with pains in my calfs, I couldn't complete the second run in week 6 run 2 it hurt so bad which is really upsetting as it wasn't even my fitness holding me back:( I relly pushed myself in the first run and my breathing was fine its just my calf muscles can anyone give any advise its really upsetting me :(

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Is it the front of your calves or the muscles? I have just finished W6R3, and my calves felt tight (muscle wise), and found that stretching them after the cooldown was all I needed to do to ease them out. If it's the front of your calves, could it be something to do with your trainers?


You say you really pushed yourself - maybe you just need to ease back a bit for a while, until they get used to the effort you're asking from them? It does take a while for muscles, bones and joints to adapt to running - longer than for heart and lungs, apparently.

It could also be linked to how you land on your feet as you run - try doing some searching round and reading up a bit about running form. You may have been stretching your legs further forward if you were trying to go faster, and that can lead to more impact on the calves, I think (but no expert). Stretches after the runs are supposed to be a good idea (though I've so far not really done any).


It's most defiantly the back of my calfs.... Feels very similar to cramp.... Really annoying though as I wanted to work on my fitness being a horse rider for years I never thought it would be my muscles slowing me down while I could still breath!


Sounds a bit like what's happened to me and it might be a strained or torn muscle. Is there any bruising or swelling? My muscle just became rock hard and sore but never felt like anything had torn and I didn't get any bruising.

I did some checking online and it could be a type of cramp.

has some useful info as has

A few times last year I had severe night cramp in the same calf that's causing my problems now - excruciating pain which left my leg very tender for some days afterwards. I don't know what causes it, lack of potassium and/or dehydration have been suggested. I know I don't drink enough, it's something I have to make a point of doing and I've now started eating bananas!

I've strapped it with an ice bandage and then worn a compression bandage for several days. It's a lot better but still niggling. I'm also going make sure I build a proper exercise routine into my day and get a calf support for when I try running again.

Hope you get yours sorted soon!


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