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Week 2 Run 2

A warmer run tonight which was nice as I've only run in temperatures of less than 4 degrees. The run went well although my last 90 second run was running up a slight gradient. It was the first time I've been breathless and wishing the 90 secs would end. But on a positive note, I didn't stop running. Looked forward to Week 3 tonight, can't imagine how I'm going to run for 3 whole minutes though. Next run Saturday which will end my week 2 training.

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You will be surprised how well you will manage it. I hate running up any hill even the slightest incline slows my running down. Well done for not stopping :-)


It's amazing how you cope with running for longer. I've just completed week 4 run 1 and amazed myself that I could keep going for five minutes. Like you i didn't think i could run for three whole minutes, but now it seems easy. The programme really does work! Good luck!




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