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Week 4 - false start

Well after all the worry about week 3 got through it without any problems wish I could say the same for week 4, went out on Sunday after being very organised and mapping my route so I knew I had enough time to complete with the increased running time, checking it was also cycle friendly as my children like to cycle with me, but it was awfull part of the route was very rocky underfoot and uphill and also had an amazing amount of dog walkers on very narrow paths so unfortunately not really runner or cycle friendly so with a distressed child gave up :-( but I went back to my trusted route last night feeling quite aprehensive after sunday but I DID IT :-) a little bit of a push towards the end but very happy with myself need to try and extend the route before my next run as it was a little as it was a little tight at the end.

Note to self, walk or cycle new routes before running them.

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I take this note to myself all the time, sometimes it just does not work. I have been taking wrong turns, or I am so concentrating on running that I forget to turn completely. It has happened to me twice already that I ended up in another village nearby and I had to walk back trying to find the right direction at once. I am a girl, you leave me out in the woods somewhere, it might be just 20 min to home, it can take me 3 hours ;-)


well done you for persevering!

i'd love to vary my route but im a bit scared at the moment. given how much im having to dig deep just go get through the run, i may be a bit like wiggles and just end up in the middle of no where taking hours to get back home!!

best of luck for your next run Clawmum. Youre doing so well!

ali :-)


Oh dear, how long is the run for, I have am starting week 4 on Monday, it looks like I need to listen to it before I run with it?

I only run round the park so at least I can not get lost, although my sense of direction is not good so anything is possible. Good luck with it I will look to see how you get on and see what tips I can pick up on :-)


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