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W2R3 Take 1 complete

I'd been looking out the (dirty old) office window all day longing to be outside as the weather was gorgeous. Of course, by the time I actually got home from work and outside, the sun had gone down. Probably not a bad thing for someone allergic to the sunshine. Not sure how that will work out if I'm still doing this when the sun comes out. I'll worry about that later.

The run went ok. Actually it felt quite good. Got a good glow on and felt I'd worked reasonably hard. Think I might have taken the jogging down a pace or two which may have helped as I wasn't gasping for breath after each 90 second run. Still not sure I can keep going for 3 minutes but that won't be until Friday week.

We're going away for a long weekend so I shall miss my Friday and Sunday run. To get back into it I'm going to repeat today's run this time next week and pick it up again from there.

Must get a cuppa. Cheers for now. x

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Well done. Glad to hear you found a way to reduce your speed. I've just done W3R1. The first 3 min run wasn't as bad as I feared. I won't say I found it easy, but I did it and I wasn't sure beforehand that I could.

I struggled on the second 3 min run as my legs felt like rubber but when I think back to week 1, I still did better tonight than I did on those very first runs.

I think it's a good idea that you're repeating W2R3 after your break. But I'm sure you'll manage Week 3 better than you imagine right now.

Best of luck.


Well done both of you! Pam - you never know, you might find that repeated one will be lovely after a few days rest, and really boost your confidence. :)


You have some 90 second runs first and then 3 minutes so you are well warmed up for it. Trust the programme you will be fine. And you will feel great when you achieve the next level, keep up the good work.


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