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Week 6 R 1

I was supposed to do the run yesterday, but since I had a little accident at home I had to change my run to today. All I am saying is, don't try to put up curtains, while standing on a chair, and your arms are not long enough to reach for the top. The chair started moving and I lost balance, not a great feeling landing with your butt on the ground. Always thought running will hurt me, not doing house work.

So I went out today, again on a nice sunny day and I had to struggle to do the first 5 min run. I actually thought about just to turn around and try tomorrow again, but then decided to at least finish the first interval. I did, with legs burning. The second interval felt so much better and I kept pushing to do all the runs. It was hard, it hurt, but I keep telling myself, it was just a bad day, the next run will be better. Right?

While I finished the cool down walk, and made it home I was actually surprised that I just ran the best pace since I started, which was really odd, how bad I felt during the run. Then I thought, maybe I just went to quick? I will try to watch my pace better doing Run 2 this week and hope it will feel good again being out there.

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