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Nice day for a walk!

I decided to walk round the perimeter of the park or my running track as I like to think of it!It was a really sunny day today just right for a run, but my leg's still feels tiny bit stiff still so I thought a walk is better than nothing. Just as I set off I thought I'd track my walk on 'Runkeeper,' which proved really useful as I was intrigued to see exactly how far 5k is round the park. It was also my first time using it. Happy to say it kept its signal and even better I'd burned 347 calories which was fortunate as I've been indulging a bit! Also I've got the landmarks for where I need to stop and finish when I eventually get back on and run 5k.

There were loads of runners going past me but I didn't mind, I just kept thinking, me soon!

Hope everyone else is enjoying the better weather? Saw quite a few in shorts today!


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Yes, who could not indulge in a bit of sunshine. Some stretches may help the legs after a run, I found this necessary too.


Its amazing how far 5K really is, isn't it? We ran an organized run that was in the streets. We drove the route a few days prior and I had a difficult time wrapping my head around the fact I could run that far! :-) I hope you're up and running soon but also very happy your out walking and soaking in the sunshine. Hopefully it will keep your spirits up! Gayle


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