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W2R1 & 2 - Treadmill

I forgot to post on Sunday when I did Run 1. I did the session in the morning and really enjoyed it.

Just finished Run 2 and found it harder work today! I think it's partly because the room is so warm - heating still on (-2 this morning!) and then a sunny day means the room is sauna-like. Oh well, it's done!

Run 3 on Thursday. :-)

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Well done.

I also run inside a lot and always overheat at the end of my run. I am too cold to start as my treadmill is in the conservatory, then at the end too hot and dripping! The good thing is that you can have a towel, water and anything else you need at hand.

Though I often forget and make an emergency call to my son in the other room, interrupting his X box fest!


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