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Week 4 - Run 1 (Beat the Demons)

I have to say that after the final run of week 3, and the difficulty I had running for 3 minutes consecutively, I thought this run would be impossble but after having the weekend to recover I came out this morning rejuvenated.

This was not easy by a long stretch I had to convince myself in my head that I could complete each of these runs, after all going from 9 minutes to 16 minutes running was always going to be a challenge, but this filled me full of confidence going forward I now know I can do it (for this week at least!!).

So today I beat the demons in my head but rest assured they will be back next week, especially run 3 of week 5, but in an odd way I am looking forward to it.

Keep on Running!!!!!

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Well done! Be proud! Keep telling yourself you CAN do it!


I loved the "in an odd way I am looking forward to it" - just the right attitude! Working through this programme is very good training in demon-dealing! You might even find they slink off and hide in disgust! Well, you never know! Anyway, you know what to say to them now. :)


Well done Gaz, what a fantastic feeling to finish that run isn't it. :-) I wanted to jump in the air when Laura said I'd done it. I refrained though, too many people about. Hahaha


The demons - a great way of describing that little voice in your head that makes giving up the only reasonable thing to do. I call it the chimpanzee on my shoulder. It sits there, whispering in my ear. "give up - you know you want to. The pain could be all over right now. You can't do this anyway. Who are you trying to kid?"

Well done for zapping those demons in the gob and showing that you CAN do whatever you set out to achieve!


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