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Up Date

Hi all thought it was about time I gave an update. I am still out there, not quite as much running because of the weather. I tried the treadmill at local gym but didn't care for it much, prefer the outdoors, stems from all our hill walking in the lakes when we used to caravan with our children, hey ho happy days. Still do my exercise classes twice a week. Went out on Tuesday and did week 5 run 1 and yesterday morning very early did run 2, the park was lovely, the only car in the car park was ours, the sun was just coming up, frost on the ground and off we went with laura. All went fine and managed the two 8 min runs and then carried on to run for 22mins and walked back to the car, very pleased with myself. Will be going out tomorrow. Pat :-)

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Good going Pat!

Sounds like you had a lovely run.

You're a morning runner then? I wish I was but I just about got enough 'oomph' to get myself dresses never mind dressed and out for a run!!

Hope your next run just as enjoyable

Ali :-)


That's great Pat, great! I envy you a bit cause you're already at week 5!

That must be a great feeling.

Keep on running!



sounds like a lovely run. what time did you go out if the sun was just coming up! good luck for your next run. shelley x


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