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W4 about to begin

So, after a slightly longer than normal break due to spending a long weekend in Wales with my folks and definitely not brave enough to run where I can be seen by old schoolfriends/neighbours/teachers etc. So have allowed myself a holiday for a few days, still going to end up with my program weeks slightly out of sync with the calendar week but sure I'll find a way to re-synchronise with the program. Though having a C25K run scheduled for the weekend may also help with the goal of 5x50 which starts at the end of this month.

I'm a bit apprehensive about W4, sounds like quite a lot of running and having been exposed to cigarette smoke for a few days my breathing tends to go quite badly to pot. I am, however going to attempt W4R1 tomorrow and see how I get on, might have to slow it down but this isn't a race right? Also everyone knows the story of the tortoise and the hare that slow and steady wins the day in the end. I'm really hoping that the weather will start to improve so that I can venture out the the park (also got a better idea of the location of a bigger country park) and start building up my outdoors stamina as it'll be a better source of distraction than the hamster wheel/treadmill.

I'm loving everyone's success stories and it's great that the community gets behind each participant to encourage the newbies and anyone who's had a bad run! Thanks to all the graduates who keep us going and to the other people sharing their experience.

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Hiya Beth, I'm definitely in the tortoise category!!

The extra 2 minutes in week 4 seem like a lifetime to me at the minute, but so did 90 seconds- so we can do this right??!!

Best of luck, don't stress and let us all know how you get on

Keep running!

Ali :-)


Hi Ali, We'll give it a darn good try !


Don't stress too much and try to enjoy the minutes of light running! :) You can do this, as Laura says.


Hi Beth! Good luck with your run today! I did w4r1 yesterday and it was great, a little hard at first but you'll be so pleased with yourself when you've done it! Sun's shining, get out there and enjoy it! I find that the time passes much quicker when running outside as theres more to look at! Kate


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