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Eton Dorney 10k - Heart Rate Stats

This is for you statistic geeks out there like me.

I took my Garmin and my heart rate monitor with me on the race, unfortunately in all my excitement of getting over the line in one piece, I forgot to turn it off, so I have an additional 30 mins (sitting in my car chatting to my friend). Anyway taking the 30 mins out of the equation, the best I can, the heart rate monitor analyised me as working in these zones.

Fat Burning - (2%)

Aerobic - (33%)

Anaerobic - (63%)

Maximum - (2%)

What I will say is, I do need to check my max heart rate again at some point and secondly I know I wasn't at maximum during most of the race (my maximum beats per minute during the race were 192 bpm and I have recorded it up to 202 bpm on the treadmill) I think I was holding back to ensure I finished the race and had some reserve left at the end.

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I have no idea what any of that data means, but I now have a sudden urge to go window shopping on Amazon for heart rate monitors.


Having read more about aerobic and anaerobic exercise I now think these stats are incorrect but only because my maximum heart rate is not quite right. I think if my MHR was a little higher by 5 BPM most of this race have been done in the aerobic zone which makes much more sense and is how my body was feeling.

Sunday I will tackle the BIG hill, that will sort out my MHR for sure or kill me in the process.


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