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Ending Week 5 and Starting 6

This is an odd post to write, and it's mostly because i think this is an odd moment in the program for me. week 5 run 2 kinda kicked my butt. i got off of the treadmill at the end feeling tired and my legs hurt and the walk back to my apartment was slow and long feeling. I didn't post about it because i knew run 3 was coming and i didn't want to verbalize the amount of 'how on earth is that gonna happen' that I was feeling. I still did. i expressed doubts to my mother who's starting the program and to a couple of others.

The night before run 3 though, i remembered how much of this is mental and tried to stop the negativity. i watched a documentary about people prepping for a marathon in Chicago and told myself that if they could all do 26.2 miles, 20 minutes had to be within the realm of possibility. i had pasta for dinner, got up and prayed on it, then i went to the fitness room and I did it. I ran for twenty minutes, longer than i've ever run before, and it was glorious and i texted my mother right afterwords and i felt really great.

i geared up for this morning's run by listening to a podcast episode about vegan runners last night, then this morning i got the humility handed to me by w6r1. I did it, and i'm proud to say that i pushed through to the end, but it was definitely a hard one. part of it may be that i walked a couple miles on my rest days ( to get groceries) but it seems like week six is a bit tricky for a lot of people. I've got one more interval run left then ten long runs till graduation, but after that documentary and some podcasts on running (would you believe i'd never heard of ultrarunning? ) i also have a better idea of what could be possible in time. i might have to fight for it, and i might need a whole lot more pasta, and pinch more prayer while i'm at it, but i feel pretty optimistic. scheduled to finish this thing on saturday the 30th, and my next run will be Wednesday.

Thanks for the support and know that reading the posts on this site before running is helping me a lot.

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If you read any of the week 6 tags you will find many people struggle with it, me included! It was my worse week other than week 1. You will soon be to the longer runs and away from intervals. :-) I started a 10K program and found intrevals difficult once again. You are doing great and I know you will succeed! Good luck to you and your mom on this journey! Gayle


Keep up the good work! It's lovely that your mother's starting the programme too. :)


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