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Inflamed hip joints. Any tips?

I'm near enough to see the end, completed w9r1 but during the off days I've been trying to do some weight training although I've missed the gym for the last two weeks (work pressure). As an alternative I started a basic body weight workout to fill the gap.

However I've spent the last two days hardly able to walk with pain in my hips, which seems to concentrate on the socket. I guess the joint has some sort of inflammation (blaming the star jumps or the lunges).

Question is does anyone have any tips? Ibuprofen helps and a trial jog seems to work okay, better than walking, but I'm afraid of making the whole thing worse.

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Hi Keeran, is it feeling any better yet? Wish I had some tips to share but I've never had inflamed hip joints. Do you mean the skin around your joints feel hot, like a sprain?


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