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C25K Week 4 - I did it!

Hurray! Completed my final Week 4 run on Friday and felt full of confidence ready to start the Week 5 programme today (weekend off).

However, today that confidence is gone. I've woken up feeling miserable, fat, heavy and altogether down in the dumps, despite the sunshine. I was looking forward to my running - something I NEVER thought I'd say - but now I'm dreading it. Really don't know why, hoping I will feel differently once I get out there but as that won't be for a few hours yet, who knows? Blimey, I'm on a real downer..... :-(

Will still give it a go though!

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Come on Bexbridge you did the run on friday , this is a mind game as well just tell your self your going to do it and by jove you will, I am 65 have never run in my life and yesterday I ran for 25 minutes 1sr run of week 7. but last week I thought just like you blimey I, m not up to this, then I read these blog messages gave myself a talking to and hey 25 minutes under my belt, so keep at it believe in your self and you will do it, remember slowly slowly catchy monkey.


It's funny isn't it how after a good run our minds can still decide of their own accord that we Just.Can't.Do.This. Listen to your legs instead, or the small part of your confidence that remains unsquashed, enjoy the sunshine and get out there. And you know what - even if running today is hard work (I always find it is on days when I feel like that), you'll beat the gremlins just by putting your shoes on and going. Remember, the programme's worked for you this far - there's no reason it won't work for you today :)


I'm at the exact same place as you in the programme. Last year I gave up as I just couldn't do week 4. Last weekend when I knew it was looming I had to really gee myself up but I did and yesterday after my final run I cooled down then did a light jog home and I really didn't want to do it. I ached after a 3 mile walk on Saturday I was a little hungry and had a mountain of things to do. It was a huge effort to get out there and in my head I was set to fail. When I got home I felt so good. Don't let negative thoughts get in the way I'm so glad I got off the couch yesterday. Good luck - W5R1 tomorrow for me


Same as you, had a great run Saturday. Left me feeling really confident (only in week 2 though) but ran extra. Today was a whole different ball game. I was dreading it, didn't want to go, talked myself into it and although it did feel hard today, I still went so happy not to give in. Keep at it. Lets hope for more positivity on our next runs :-)


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