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Week 1 Day 1 Again!!!!

Not posted for quite a while, original idea that was that I would train with my ten year old for Xcountry League, she has gone from strength to strength and I did virtually nothing!!!

So starting again, run went ok all things considered. Looking forward to Day 2 on Tuesday, nights are getting lighter and a bit warmer. I am determined to carry this through if it kills me. My daughter moves up an age group next year so she will be running further, I will get there, wish me luck|||

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You will indeed get there! I'm sure your DD will encourage you - and just think how great it'll be to run with her :) (My DD1 likes running distance - or at least as far as they do for distance in primary school! She was horrified when she realised I could outrun her. It's worth persevering, just for that moment...!)


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