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Yes! Week 1 done!

Done all my stretches and now I'm ready to blog :) This run didn't seem to go as smoothly as my last, but I think that might have been because I didn't plan my route properly so there were more stops and starts than I would have liked. The stitches are still a problem for me, I think I just need to drink more water...

But I don't care! Even when I got lost or had a runny nose and stitches I'm still so pleased! I think this may be the first running program I've actually stuck to for more than 2 days, and it feels really good that I am one week down to my 5k goal!

I'm gonna make sure I stick to this even if it kills me, because I feel more determined than ever! Can't wait for the next run and a change of music, bring it on!

Happy running!

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Well done on completing Week 1. I also completed it last night.

I must be lucky as I've not suffered from any stitches (oh God, probably just given that the kiss of death!) but I know what you mean about a runny nose. The minute I step out in the cold it starts to drip. So annoying! And with the huge gloves I'm wearing at the moment, it's so hard to get a tissue out.

I'm looking forward to some new music on the next run, too!


Well done on finishing week 1, I am one run behind you. Good luck with week 2 :-)


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