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Cracking the treadmill :)

Well after all this horrible cold weather my running has had to move to the treadmill.Previously I have paused them more than I ran-find treadmill running very boring.However I have now discovered the Virtual Treadmills at our gym.Today I ran through northern Italy on the treadmill and stayed on it for an hour running a total of 8km with an odd walk to recover.Can't wait to do my final B210K run outside when the weather improves-I am aiming to reach 10km in approx 1 hour by the summer.Furthest run to date 9km in 57 mins.Roll on spring :)

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I didn't realise these actually exist already! :) It definitely sounds better than staring at a wall, or sweaty bodies!

Not far to go to your target now. I am so much looking forward to running in spring weather.


Thanks again, Fingalo!

Treadmills are brilliant now when it's snowy and cold outside! I ran along a nature trail this morning...

Happy running! :-)


Love it!! aerobics on a treadmill, I must try it or maybe not I would like to keep my front teeth.


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