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My mojo is back. Hooray!

Well, I was terrified of that run. Its been like a noose round my neck all weekend. This was my third attempt at W7R1. I really felt like I was going to fail it. Those first 10 minutes are soooo hard, but then it just goes into a rythym and off you go! So I said damn you legs and ran another minute in the 5min cool down walk. I am grinning like a cheshire cat. Just realised I only have 8 runs left to get that little green badge:-))

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Welcome back to your mojo! :)


The legs will just keep going, it's only the head that wants to stop.

I've found that if I get my head right, every run is doable.


Good to hear you got thru it - I got REALLY stuck on week 7 - in the end I just told myself I was sick of being stuck and I could do it - i did! Anyway good for you :-)

PS - Who on earth is that Princesslove on here??!!


I dont know, but it looks like I am not the only one to have received that response above, which is a bit of a relief! :-))


The body is able as long as the mind is willing! :-) Congratulations for kicking those nasty gremlins to the side!! Gayle


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