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New route - with snowdrops

Missed the Parkrun yesterday and the plan to run at 9 today didn't come off as I really didn't fancy the wet snow. However by 10:30 the weather improved and I really felt I needed a run. Rather than the usual route I decided to head for a public park in the other direction. It meant running along the main road for a bit which I try to avoid. However it wasn't too busy and I was soon on to the side street and into the park. I had forgotten how up hill it was but managed to keep going round the track and into the old walled garden. It's now much overgrown but at this time of year is full of snowdrops. Completed the circuit of the park then headed for home.

Overall it wasn't quite 5k but for once I just set out to do a specific route and just enjoy it. Will try it again sometime but need to add in a bit of a loop for extra length.

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Old walled garden with snowdrops really sounds lovely. As does running a route for enjoyment! :)

I saw some lovely clumps of snowdrops on my bike ride this morning. Spring is nearby (even though the weather doesn't know it yet).


Sounds very nice :) It's amazing how you find hills when running that you've never noticed before ;)


Yes even though I had walked and driven bits of the route, I never noticed the slopes. Endomondo says it was 45m rise and fall but it felt much harder more than that.


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