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My first fail!

Went out this morning to do week 6 run three, after 12 mins I hit a wall (figuratively) and just could run no further. I felt really let down with myself. When I woke up I had a dodgy belly, blocked nose and a slight cough, I don't think this helped. Anyway I have decided it was just a bad day and maybe redo run 2 then have another crack at it. On the bright side when I do nail the 25 mins it will feel all the sweeter for having defeated my demons.

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Bad runs happen. They don't mean anything other than you had a bad day and weren't feeling well. (Horrible though!) Put it behind you and yes, bash those demons! Hope you're feeling back to yourself soon.



Cheers for the words of encouragement, I have just got back from an eight mile walk as penance for not completing my run. Feel better now :0)


While I didn't think so at the time, I quickly realised my first fail was a bit of a godsend as I'd been increasingly putting pressure on myself as I went through the weeks.

It was the first run of week 4, I'd not failed before and it was almost making me want everything to be absolutely perfect before I'd go for a run for fear of not completing it. That first fail allowed me to relax in that regard and conversely, allowed me to get to my graduation run tomorrow never having failed since.

Don't beat yourself up about it.


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