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Week 3 done!

Just finished the third run of week 3 - weirdly, I like running for the longer stretches, makes it go faster and more smoothly somehow. Anyway, this week went well, it's nice to see how each time seems to get a bit easier!

Definitely already got to the stage where I start talking back to Laura though - the first time she made the hedge comment I disagreed with her. It would be possible to tell that I was running, not walking, because I was going all of .0001 mile an hour faster. Honestly...

I haven't looked ahead at all, so week 4 will be a surprise (and hopefully not a shock :P)

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Well done Bilby on completing week 3. My turn tomorrow hopefully. :-) I try not to look forward either but sometime other mention it on here so you kinda find out inadvertently. Good luck with your next run. :-)


I know that I sometimes actually went slower when I was running than walking at the start - strange but true! :)

Sometimes having Laura to talk back to is a useful distraction. I distinctly remember the hedge I was going past at that point (most of my route didn't have a hedge, but at that point there was one - funny!


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