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Week 2, complete!!! :D

Wow... I've done it! Anyone who read my first blog post will know that I was having serious doubts about moving on to week 2, so this feels like a real achievement for me!

The first run was last Saturday, it was a beautiful morning and I had an amazing time, I actually enjoyed it! (Shock, horror!!!) I was really encouraged, and felt great through my full weekend of rehearsals for HMS Pinafore... : )

The second run was ore of a struggle, I dragged myself out of bed early on Monday morning and set off on my normal route. I struggled with the last 90 seconds, partly because I misjudged my timing and ended up waiting at a pedestrian crossing for ages so when I set off running again Laura was already telling me to start my cool down walk- I suspect that I might have done slightly more than 90 secs, but I did it!! :)

Final run was this morning- I was meant to go yesterday but woke up with a nasty headache so decided to postpone until today. Thank you to everyone who encouraged me last week, I did have to bully myself slightly this morning to get my self to go- it was really cold in my room when I woke up and I wanted to stay in bed! ;) A chillier morning outside, but dry which was lovely. It wasn't too busy either so not too many pedestrians to dodge. Struggled with the second-to-last run but only a little (my dodgy left knee was starting to ache a bit, first time since I've started running) and found the last 90 seconds, dare I say it, easy!

As I walked home afterwards, it suddenly hit me that I'd completed week 2... scary stuff! When I started I couldn't even envisage myself completing the first run of week 1!! So onto week 3, and I'm actually starting to find that I don't mind this running lark after all (considering I've spent the last however many years saying that I will never go running...)

Well, onward and upwards! :)

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Well done Rosie, it is such an achievement. :-) I'm doing my last run of week 3 tomorrow. It's amazing how quickly you progress even when you think you never will. :-) I too never thought I would be a runner, but I am so excited about getting to the end of the programme. Good luck with week3.


Thank you :) And congratulations to you on completing week 3, I'll be starting with that on Saturday morning (all being well). It's good to know that there's lots of people out there who never thought they'd be runners! ;)


Thanks I just completed it today. :-) Now onto week 4. Don;t know what that in-tales yet though. Bit scary. lol


Well done and keep going. I'm ready to finish W1 today but I have to say I'm looking forward to W2....crazy bint!! But now we have started it go to keep going. Good luck with next week :)


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