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Bridge to 10k - Run 1

After being a little disappointed with my first post-grad run, I decided to start a Bridge to 10k plan, with the first run today.

It was my first run without any music (left the iPod at home) and I set my Garmin to a simple stopwatch, to run 4 x 10 minutes, with 1 minute walk in between. I found it the perfect follow on from c25k, quite testing, but doable without pushing too hard.

I was chuffed when I finished and allowed myself to check the stats and found that in the 43 minutes, I'd covered 6.2km (averaging 6.57 per km), which gave me a longer run and better pace than I'd managed throughout the c25k course. And, I'd run for a total of 40 out of 43 minutes, so all good steps in the right direction.

And once again proving, that even after graduating, the support on here is invaluable after a bad run.

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It takes a bit of getting your head round, 'allowing' walking, doesn't it! Interesting that it ends up giving you a better pace than continuous running - even though I've read that it does, it still seems odd in practice.

Maybe I'd do better deliberately putting in walk breaks, rather than just putting one in when I've overdone it a bit! It's really interesting seeing what others are doing. :)


I think the walk breaks really help with the mental side of things, as it's a lot easier to contemplate 10 minutes than 40. To be honest, I'm not sure how much physical benefit there is in stopping for 3 odd minutes in 43, but it certainly helped me get through it!


Very well done! We are week 6 of the 6 week program and even though I KNOW I can run 60 minutes, it seems quite daunting without the 1 minute walk to separate times! Please keep us posted on how you get on! We just had about 14-16" of snow so I'm not really looking forward to a one hour run on the treadie... :-( Gayle


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