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Finished week 3 ... would never have believed it!

3 weeks ago I told a friend that I would sign up for a marathon in August if I managed to get thru week 3. Well now I have and I'm still nervous to sign up!

I'm also doing everything on a treadmill and I can't imagine going out! Well, we will see what next week brings. I am purposely not looking at the next week in order to NOT psych myself out for the next run. I keep it as a surprise :)

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Well done! You will succeed just so long as you keep going. Good luck.


Well done Ditto, we've all been there, believe me! I used to finish the second run of a Week before I'd dare to look at what's to be asked of me next.

As for the marathon, perhaps a few runs outside might give you the confidence to sign on the dotted line?


Well done Ditto, keep it up. :-)


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