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Week 2 begun and no glitches!

W2 r1 completed this morning and it all went smoothly. I have switched to my old trainers that I originally did c25k in 2 years ago as I had been having trouble with my right ankle in the summer and again in December when I tried running after my injury.

I had spent £90 on the newer trainers in a reputable running shop, although they don't do gait analysis on a treadmill they have given myself and my other half excellent advice in the past. This guy I hadn't spoke with before and just didn't seem right, should have gone with my gut but the trainers were really pretty and my girly head took over!

I haven't had a single twinge in my right ankle which had been giving me bother all last year, nothing serious, but could certainly be off putting. Also my left foot that was fractured and had the torn ligaments is feeling very strong which is a great confidence boost :)

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Brilliant that your previously-poorly foot is feeling strong again. :)

My trainers came from a good sports shop, with a great reputation, but I have to say that my thin-soled flat work shoes seem to be more comfortable to run in!


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