I'm a runner! Again! :-)

So last night was the dreaded week 6 run 3 in my second time through the programme. Although by now I KNEW I could do it, it was hard to actually BELIEVE I could.

I was tired yesterday, and frankly, the only thing that got me into my running kit and out of the door at all was knowing that Laura would tell me I was now a 'proper runner' at the end of the podcast, and the memory of how amazing that made me feel last time around.

I did indeed manage it (as Laura knew I would all along, of course), and at the end of the podcast I waited and waited to hear her say those words ' I'd say you're now a proper runner!' Despite knowing exactly what was coming, I still couldn't help a massive 'YESSSSS!' and punching the air (much to the confusion of a coupl of passers by...)

This programme is just brilliant! It keeps on going, and Laura is once more my new BFF!!

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  • That is lovely! Congratulations on getting out of the door - the hardest bit!

    I remember waiting for Laura's 'message' - a very signficant moment!

    Good job you punched the air and not the passers by! :P

  • LOL! :D I know what you mean about the difference between knowing and believing - I still go through that on most of my runs! Well done for getting out there and running even when tired. :)

  • Yep, I know exactly what you mean. I graduated a while ago and have opted to repeat the programme to improve my (really slow) pace, yet I still can't quite believe I can do it - how weird is that :-)

    Well done on persevering though and believe that you are a runner :-)

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