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At last....20 minutes!!

The waves of calm, blissful joy are still sweeping through me 12 hours on.

Despite having left it 4 days before finally plucking up the courage I completed w5 r3 last night with relative ease, if I hadn't have been going up a hill for the final 2 minutes, I probably would have kept going :)

The relief and pride and pure happiness make it well worth the anxiety before hand. I'm astounded at how easy the run was, week 3 was harder for me!

Thank you for all the motivational messages, they really helped me through. I can finally believe that I could actually complete this program...I feel great!!! :D

Off to Malmesbury for training for the new job for the next couple of days meaning the next opportunity to run is on Friday, provided I'm not too exhausted.

Best wishes!!

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Well done. Completing this run gives you a real boost to your confidence that you can do this C25K business. You are now over halfway and your graduate badge is now in sight.


Well done! I'm sure you are going to complete the programme and get that runners high!


Sounds like you've already got the runner's high! It's so lovely to read blogs like this. May you continue to enjoy your running. And good luck with the new job too. :)


Congratulations! No stopping you now!!! Gayle


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