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I think I can do this (w4 r1)

Today went really well. There points during the runs when i felt tired and frustrated with trying to keep breathing properly but then, especially during that last 5 minute run, it was like a wall in my mind went down, and suddenly i felt a push of energy and i just knew i could push to the end of it. i've read that interval running teaches your body to recover more quickly, so... that may be what progress feels like, it was awesome and i'm not so scared of week 5 anymore. after two more like this, it should go well.

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Well done on your run, and I think you will surprise yourself on how far you can push yourself, fitter and full of energy is defo the way to go!

All the best for the next one



Sounds like you've been hooked in, with walls coming down and pushes of energy!

It all sounds really good. >:) :) (First one of those was an accident, but I've left it in to see if it produces anything interesting - it makes me think of the Frog prince for some reason!)


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