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WK1 R2

Hello again

First of all thank you v much for all the previous comments you replied to on my other post, this morning when I was in bed umming and aaaing about going for a jog your comments gave me the motivation to get off my backside and go for a jog.

Someone asked me to mention more personal things about myself.

Music - all sorts mainly rock although I love everything.

Colour - Blue

Hobbies - Singing, acting and dancing

I am in my final year of studying performing arts as a degree at sheffield hallam.

One main reason why i would love to lose weight... It will help me a lot more in auditions as most directors cast you on your looks as well as talent.


WK 1 R2

Today I went out and lasted 18 mins, I managed to run for 3 of the 60 seconds but by the 4th one i got a stitch again and had to stop. I found it a teeny tiny bit more better than the last one, only because on my first run i got a stitch straight away and I couldn't run for even 1 whole minute. I'm worried thart because I haven't been going out for the full half hour, it won't be effective. I have taken advice of some bloggers and decided that I won't go onto the week 2 until I can run the full amount and run for 60 secs at a time.

I was wondering if any of you have done this being obese, as this isn;;t really a weight loss programme its aimed at lots of people.

My main challenge is to stay motivated, I have never stuck to anything. I know i have to think optimistic about all of this, but sometimes I feel that unless someone literally grabs me and forces me out the door i won't stick to it. Has anyone got any tips on how they motivate

themselves to go.

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When I started this in Novmber I weighed 250lbs I have lost 12lbs so far :) Yes you can be very overweight like me and succeed so long as you listen to your body and enjoy it. More important thant that though is how much better you will feel about yourself and life in general when you are achieving your goals and working through your limitations. I advise you to trust yourself and listen to your body, especially when your mind is telling you that you can't but your body is just waiting for you to give it the go ahead! Be gentle with yourself and give yourself as much praise as you can stomach lol.

I started the program Last November and have entered a 10k run that takes place in 2 weeks, I also have asthma which makes running outside in cold weather tough to say the least.. I have enjoyed the program so much and it has helped me regain the self confidence I lost after becoming a mum and giving up my business to stay at home (which has been wonderful but not vey dynamic lol).

You can definitely do this!!

Wishing you all the very best for your future runs

Jems x


Lovely to hear a bit more about you! :) Huge congratulations for blogging again, instead of giving up. You are doing really well, whatever you might tell yourself!

Now... who grabbed you and pushed you out of the door for the two sessions you've already done? YOU did! People on here might have encouraged you, but you were the one that actually put it into action. You might not think so, but you *are* self-motivated.

I read something really good about motivation this morning:

"What, in your opinion, comes first - motivation or action?

If you said motivation, you made an excellent, logical choice. Unfortunately, you're wrong. Motivation does not come first, action does! You have to prime the pump. Then you will begin to get motivated and the fluids will flow spontaneously."

(Not so sure about fluids flowing though!) It made me think hard about how I've got on with c25k. Laura's words, and everyone's encouragement on here did help, but it was me that actually put my shoes on and got out the door - and often I didn't feel all that much like doing it. But I was always glad I had, afterwards.

Maybe you could do brisk walking for 15-20 minutes and then aim to do just four of the runs for a few sessions, if doing all the runs is a bit too much at the moment - that way, you're still getting a good bit of exercise, and building up your stamina gradually? Make your targets small and achieveable for where you are now, not where anyone else is, and you'll make much faster progress, I promise. (And sometimes you'll find you surprise yourself and do more - bonus!) :)

Don't forget to give yourself lots of praise, and a reward for doing anything that is more than you've done before! Any movement is better than sitting on the couch. No, it isn't easy, but do it anyway, you really will be glad you did. Keep blogging! :) :)


I second what they said! Even if you can't complete the week run 1 at the moment, keep getting out there, keep trying, and each time you do, you'll improve. Why not plan to run every other 60-second interval, instead of all of them - then when you can manage that, run two and continue walking through the third. Half-an-hour isn't a magic time that means exercise suddenly 'counts'; it's just a realistic amount that many people might think they can manage, when an hour seems too much. So *any* walking or running you do will still be effective, especially if it's getting your heart beat raised a bit.

Well done for getting yourself out there again today - I always find it difficult to get myself going again after a tough run, but have finally realised it's worth following through.

Keep blogging - let us know how you get on :)


Good to see you getting out there again, Mc! You say you we're only out for 18 mins but that's so much better than not doing anything at all! Why not try walking faster for the minute 'runs' until you feel comfortable then incorporate some runs? You started doing something positive for yourself so keep going! We've all got great faith in you! :)


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