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Measure, weigh or both?


Have any of you who are graduates or almost-graduates of the programme kept a record of your vital statistics?

Which do you think gives a better indicator of how far you've come, weighing yourself or taking your body's measurements?

Heard a few people say that they put weight ON when they started running because they were building muscle - is this true?

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I put on a bit of weight but then lost it again- now still at my original weight and I've been running since November. I haven't measured myself but I do know that I've shrunk- I was getting ready for bed one night and realised I'd pulled my jeans down without undoing them! If you don't want to keep a record of stats and figures then using a pair of jeans to monitor your progress can work, as long as you're not too bothered about accuracy.


I too, have stayed the same weight through C25K and most of a 10K plan. I started all of it August of last year. We also watch our food intake and eat reasonably healthy. For me, some days I even show a water weight gain the day after a run. That said, I have went down in clothing size and am more toned. Gayle


I am noticing on here, if a person has a large amount to lose, they will see a weight loss while those at an ideal weight or close to goal won't see that much of a scale difference. I lost 35 pounds before starting C25K, so I'm really hoping that's why the scale isn't budging! :-)


Measuring at the beginning of the programme and then every 2 weeks showed me I was toning up. The weight remained the same during the 9 weeks but I have lost 7 Kgs and dropped 2 dress sizes in the past 12 months.

If you do weigh make sure it is on the same scales and at the same time of day. Good luck.


It about 2 years now since I realised I needed to get my life back on the straight and narrow, 3 stone to loose and get my big butt off the couch. I weighed every week then laterly fortnightly and took out the tape measure about once every 6 weeks. I have to say I had more faith in the good old tape measure. One thing if you are weighing do it first thing in a morning just once a week and best before you have eaten. Try and either wear the same weight of clothes or better still in the buff.

Wishing you all the best with both your weight loss journey and your running.


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