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Those of you who have read my boring ramblings previously will know that I am hoping to hit the 5k mark in 30 minutes by W9R3 (having just started doing 5k each time for the last couple of runs, instead of stopping at 28 minutes). Well today I got closer, although a GPS failure means I can't be so sure of the exact distance, doing what I believe to be 5k in 31:05, which is a good minute and a half less than my previous effort. Anyway, it's the same route as before so I guess it must be. Really pleased, but not sure I'm going to lose that last minute and five seconds...

Hope you guys are going well too!

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Wow am very impressed. Sure you will lose those extra 65 seconds in your next few runs :-)


Great running kshammas - don't worry too much about the 30 minutes thing - it's great to have a target to aim for, and I'm sure you'll get there pretty soon (way, way before me, anyway!), even if not by the end of week 9. Brilliant that you can run 5k already.

GPS failures are soooo annoying! :)


Well done, almost there! I'm sure you'll nail it in the next couple of runs!


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