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Gorgeous day for running

I set out for my 3rd run of week 2 today. It is gorgeous today and I run by the sea which is lovely. I was nervous about this run as w2r2 hadn't been nice and left me with a sore ankle from an injury about 2 years ago. I started out (no hoody for the first time this year) and during the first few runs, I could feel my ankle beginning to get sore, but by the 4th run it was getting better. By the end, I had no pain. I'm off work today and tomorrow for half term and planning on going up the coast with my sister tomorrow. I want to start week 3 even though I know you should leave a day, but I'm back to work on Wednesday. Does anyone else run on sand? Is it very different to the pavement?

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Apparently it's a lot harder torun on sand, but I guess it depends how firm it is. Lucky you, living near the sea!


It's hard packed sand by the sea so hopefully won't be too bad! Or maybe I'll get up early and run in my normal place before going up the coast.


I know some others here on the site run on the beaches. I'm a pavement girl so I have no advice. :-) No matter how tempting, its important to give your body the recovery days. Even if you don't feel it, your body needs it. Have fun on the trip! Gayle


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