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Week 3 Run 3

So... Running without a treadmill is hard. I'm still getting my breath back after doing my last week 3 run, and I'm away from the treadmills at my apartment's exercise center so I took the run through a neighborhood near me that has sidewalks for most of the way. I'm new to running so I didn't know what sorts of things to do to run in cold weather and there's still frost outside. My legs and chest feel pretty good, but my throat hurts and I kind of wish I'd carried a water bottle. Still if the problem was just breathing too hard/ not having water with me, those are fixable issues. and I did get fairly close to doing what google maps says 5k before the podcast ended. I tossed in another little run after it ended, as I could see the house and now that I've stopped I feel pretty good.

getting some running shoes soon, and getting back to the treadmill for Tuesday and the start of week 4, which looks scary. Wish me luck :)

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Funny - I think running WITH a treadmill would be hard! I much prefer being outside, though I am lucky enough to live in the countryside in the UK, so only occasionally run in towns. When it was snowy and icy here, I found a buff (tubular scarf-thing) was really good to protect my face.

I couldn't help but respond to someone with such a spooky name! What sort of plants do you murder?! And why? Plants are coooool! ;)


I'm a vegan, I picked the name after some silly friend or another said i was murdering plants rather than animals. I am entirely jealous of getting to run in the countryside. I'm in the city most of the time and the southern US is less pedestrian friendly than it could be, there's less to look at, but the treadmill doesn't have hills or traffic. the scarf thing sounds like a good idea, i'll have to remember for next time i run while away from home. i've seen a couple of your posts, congrats on graduating!


Ah - that makes sense! Thanks - graduating is cool!


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