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Lidl headphones and where's my routine gone

First I must sing the praises of Lidl sports headphones, they stayed on sounded great and didn't slip or irritate me, definately worth £2.99 and so much more user friendly that the Panasonic over ear ones that I paid over £6 for.

Today I got out for a run for the first time in 6 days, I was too busy helping my eldest daughter decorate on Tuesday, and I really have no excuse at all for not running on Thursday. I decided not to go to Parkrun run this week, the route is very muddy and my ego's still bruised from stopping at 3k on my last one, although I did come down with a bug later that day and felt lifeless for 2 days after.

So today I set out with the intention of just running, not too fast and just run for 5k. My pace was a little slower than sometimes and as usual the first 10 mins where hard work, but then I settled into a good rhymn, and didn't look at my watch until I knew I'd past 4k, then in a moment of craziness decided to run as fast as I could for the last km. Well the last Km was run in 5.50.

I'd been listening to '101 running songs' on shuffle and on my cool down walk 'All Star' by Smash Mouth came on (title track in Shrek movie) and I couldn't resist I just had to run to it.

I really must start to put some kind of routine into my running as now spring is just around the corner it will be good to get out exploring some different routes, I think I'll carry on doing my own thing for a few more weeks then consider 10k training.

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Thanks for the recommendation, I am in the market for some new sport headphones. Glad your run went better today! :)


yep, the mention of headphones caught my eye :) sounds like you had a great run. x


Thanks for that - was straight out the door. Am currenty using some that go right over my head as the others drive me mad. Haven't run in them yet but they feel very snug and will hopefuly spur me on to reach 5k.


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