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3 Runs done and calf staying quiet

So, anyone who's been reading my blogs will know that I'm not a runner but I decided to give C25K a go to help shift some of the excess weight that I've been carrying around for the last few years. I managed W1 pretty ok and was working on W2 when I incurred calf injury.

After about 10 days of resting the calf (well not running on it) I ventured back onto the treadmill to start some brisk walking and then at the end of last week I tried running and got through it without incident so Monday I started again. I decided to try a couple of W1 runs (actually did 2 W1 runs) so today tried a W2 run and got through it ok. I will do all 3 week 2 runs as it was on W2 that I incurred the injury. So hopefully this time next week I will be reporting on W3 R1, though I might try to get outside and try a W1 run in the real world as so far I've only been working on a treadmill in the gym but was told that the earlier I get out into the real world the easier it will be to make the transition from running on the treadmill to running in the real world as suspect that I will get very bored very quickly when I have to be doing more than a few minutes running (assuming I get past the W2 stage).

The problem is that where I live is a bit of an industrial wasteland so will have to drive around to find somewhere to run. There are a couple of park runs within the area so might try checking out the locations for those, just need to make sure there's good parking nearby. I don't want to have to depend on the buses as I get very cold very quickly after a workout... may do some online reconnaissance work to try it out on Sunday as I'm off to sushi school tomorrow so probably won't make the gym.

C25K journey to be continued... I hope :-D

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I did the first week on the treadmill but then went outside and have not regretted it. I found the runs went quicker and there was more to focus on than the treadmill display!!!

I would definitely check out the park runs as a lot of people on this forum get a lot out of them (unfortunately I don't have any near me).


Thanks PeaBea, I'm not ready for a full 5k yet but at least the park runs may well be a bit more of an interesting place. I might check out one of the two nearby locations as I've been told the sooner I try getting outside the better. Will also be good practice for when I'm due home to Wales as there's not one of my gyms nearby so I'll have to get out of doors! Just have to get a long-sleeved training top but might be able to make do with what I have - surely a technical rugby jersey will suffice in the meantime :-)


If you register with your local park run you can also help out on race days and then you will get some useful support. Also, a park is ideal for running in as there is no traffic and might even be fairly flat so good for these early runs. I used to run on the local cycle trail and not only was it quiet but the surface was not quite as tough on my joints as pavements tend to be. Anyway good luck in finding the right running place for you.


Hi Beth, I have had niggly calves throughout. Are you stretching thoroughly when you've finished your run? I also invested in a foam roller which I use after every run (and between runs if I can feel my calves tightening) that really has worked wonders :-)


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