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Oh my...really..two months

Since I last all..unless you count being chased around at work by 8 under fives today - started working at new childcare job in november 2012 and from 2nd week in december have pretty much caught every bug these little peeps have seen fit to share with me (oh if only they could share the playdough and trains so brilliantly) - two colds, a nasty cough, flu type virus, norwalk...yep..not had a full months pay or work since i started..and so running has just not hoping to run this weekend but still coughing a bit and chesty (possibly another cold) frustrated now, i miss my runs, but even walking into town has been an event.

I know i need to go back a few weeks..was on week 7 when i last ran..but really not sure now where to go back to - wondering if starting all over again is the way to go....I love my job, but totally forgot that two years break from it meant it was like starting all over poor immune system has taken a total trashing from these lovable little snot goblins.

Guess on the plus side...its a wee bit warmer now and lighter in the evenings, i missed the snow and ice and flooding runs...every cloud eh. i go right back to the beginning again..week 1..or a little further on..whats a girl to do????

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snot goblins! Oh yes! (One of the children I work with frequently has massive sneezes into his hands... Bleurk!)

Maybe go out, do a warm up walk, and just see what your legs will let you do reasonably comfortably, and then start from wherever in the programme seems to fit? Better to not push it too much too fast, but I wouldn't be surprised if you find you don't need to go right back to week 1. Good luck!


Same for me, was up to Week 5 and had a nasty bug with a chest infection that last about 4 weeks around December, then work, snow etc etc it's been two months now :(

Going out today to start a week of walking then going to start from Week 2 again :) I've missed it but a combination of illness, weather and the old depression kicking in set me back more than i thought.

Atleast we know what to do now, just take it easy and slowly build it up again and start to feel better for it :)

Good luck !!


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