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An update from 'shin splint' lady!

Hi all,

The last time I wrote I had just started back running after a few weeks' break and suspected my shin splints were coming back.

Anyhow, I've now been to the doc as I was having yet more trouble, had an X-ray yesterday and can now say that I definitely DON'T have a stress fracture, woo! The doc thought it was shin splints anyway so it's good that it's nothing worse. Bad news is, I'm going to have to just do some walking for a few weeks, and then when I re-start running, I will probably have to re-start the programme from about week 2, and hope that I don't get the same problem AGAIN. A bit of a pain (haha) when I was about to start week 8 before.

Funnily enough the problem came on when I started wearing my new running shoes and insoles, after having my gait analysed at Sweatshop. The doc thinks my foot might be rolling in a way it's not used to which is why I'm getting the pain and swelling in my left shin - but they are neutral running shoes and my left foot is neutral gait, so I think it might just be coincidence and it's actually the running on a hard surface that's caused all this. On a positive note, I'm being referred to a physio, who will hopfully be able to tell me for sure! I did try running in my old trainers and I still had the same problem (and my ankles were far more tired!) Let's hope my shin sorts itself out soon as I miss feeling fit! And was hoping to go in for a 5k race at some point.

Never mind - hope the rest of you enjoy your running and don't end up with shin splints like me!

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Disappointing for you - but at least there's no fracture, which is very good news.


That must be really annoying - but better to take a proper break, get better and then you'll be flying.

First time round doing this programme I had to stop because of a tendon injury - for 3 months! But when I started again from scratch it did feel a bit easier. So maybe try to keep your fitness up doing something like swimming.


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