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Well, I must say this morning was absolutely fabulous. Me and doggie drove (well, I did, not doggie) to our favourite spot at the top of the hills, we were early enough for no-one else to be there. Phew! (Still worry about what others will think...)

Started run 2 of week 4. Legs had their usual lead-like feeling, but consoled myself knowing every run has started like this. Doggie was off, busy with her own business, we won't go into that. Then spotted some native wild ponies, what a glorious sight, sun shining, no wind, wonderful deserted countryside, fantastic views.

Realised that we had glided past the furthest spot we had got to in week 2, and we were still going! And my legs had woken up! My, this Laura knows what she's talking me she says. Well, I have put all my trust in her and follow with absolute faith everything she tells me to do.

Well anyway, at the last 5 minute run when Laura says that this is the time to really build your fitness (or words to that effect), I went for it and speeded up. It was amazing, not only did I finish in style, (running, not shuffling), I still felt like I could have gone further! Cool! I can actually do this!

We passed one other nutter today, also running with his dog - he smiled! Was he laughing at me?? Whatever, I don't care!

The only negative to this morning was when we returned to the car park (which by now had about 7 cars in it), and doggie embarrassed me by doing a huge leap in the air to give an immaculately clean lady a big kiss on the cheek and dirty paw marks down her front! She was quite taken aback, and when I said sorry, she mumbled something I couldn't quite hear...oops!

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Big smile on my face - you had a great run there! I bet that was a genuine smile from the other person too. :)

(I'd have been a bit upset/scared by an unknown dog leaping at me though, however friendly its intent. I'm very wary of dogs when I'm out running.)


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