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Should i run today???

I haven't been able to get out for a run for ages and i'm desperate to go out even if it's only for 15 minutes. The weather today is perfect BUT.... In the absence of running i've been using my crosstrainer & workout dvds and i tweaked my hamstring on Wednesday. I've been to the gym today (strength training) and it's still really tight so i don't know whether i should risk it, go out for a steady run but stop if it starts to cause any pain and risk making it worse or..... Should i leave it for today to make sure its better and go out in a few days ?????? :o(

Any advice would be greatly received


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I know it's hard, but I would try to leave it until it was feeling looser. From personal experience it will probably stay tighter for longer the more you do, even if you are no in pain. A good period of rest would hopefully allow it to clear up for good.


Thankyou, i think i half new that i shouldnt go out but i'm so desperate to get back into it i think i just needed to hear it from someone else to fully convince me it was a bad idea :o)


I've done it before too, never caused an injury luckily but been left with a niggle for ages that went away as soon as I have myself some rest!


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