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My slow comfortable............ run

So upon the advice of others on here I decided to run slowly. (I'm not quite sure why, but did it none the less! I am nothing if not obedient..)

Off I set, faithful husband tagging along in tow... for my first 30 min run EVER.

I found the hardest bit was not putting my foot down to go faster. So I chatted away to hubbie and felt smug barry re the fact that I could 1. run for 30 minutes 2. not even be that out of breathe! So very happy!

Next run (week 9 r2) I think I'll go normal speed. It will be lovely when I am fit enough to run normally and still be able to speak!

As an aside - calf muscles hurt more than usual this am - seem to use different muscles to shuffle!


Nearly there now!!!!

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There's a good girlie! ;) Bossy lot on here!

Strange it made your calves ache more - maybe you'll find a sort of half-way that doesn't make you out of breath, and doesn't make your calves ache! Perhaps your feet were landing at a different angle somehow (perhaps you stretched your stride out a bit longer in an effort to stop putting your foot down yet, to go slower, so your feet were a bit in front of your centre of gravity, instead of under it)? Who cares - you did it!

So close now! :D


Your just showing off now, multi tasking already!!!! :) I still find it very difficult to run and speak at the same time, well done you. It means that your breathing is well under control and your relaxed. Graduation just around the corner, well done.


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