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Thank you

Well here I am on valentines night not eating out because I'm on a diet! (and who would want to babysit 3 children anyway) telling my poor husband, 'just read the paper, I must answer to all the lovely people who replied to my downer blog' ??

Thank you for your encouragement, I certainly did come back from that run very deflated,

But I'm pleased to say that today w3r2 was slightly better, a few kind people pointed out that if I wasn't comfortable moving on just redo that week (do you know that was a relief) doesn't HAVE to be done in 9 weeks does it.

Unfortunately I am a bit of a self doubter, but as I progress through this process hopefully ill grow confidence, I find everyone's blogs very encouraging even uplifting so Thankyou all for your kind comments.

I did have to laugh when I was imagining this person on the other side of the hedge watching my head bob up and down, all I could think was 'they'll be watching wobbly bits bobbing not my head'

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Well done of a better run.

> I did have to laugh when I was imagining this person on the other side

> of the hedge watching my head bob up and down,

Ha! I remember that and would you believe on my first run of Week 3, I was running past the one and only hedge I pass on my route at the time Laura said that! And this hedge is just about head height! It was as if Laura could see me ;-)


Well done Souki, do the programme in your own time, with 3 kids you have more on your plate than most.

I remember the hedge comment from Laura, the thought that anyone could possibly bouce while running amused me a lot at the time, still does come to think about it :-)


I'm doing the programme for a second time because I'm not sure the first time round was fast enough to actually be described as running :-)

So this time round I'm upping the pace.

Having gone through it all before you'd think it would be easier, we'll I did W3R1 last night and got about half way through the second interval when I started thinking 'OMG, I don't think I'm going to be able to finish this' but having the experience of completing the runs before meant I knew that even if I don't finish a run first time round it will be just a little bit easier next time :-)

Don't forget about the 9 weeks completely, but don't beat yourself up with it either. If you are anything like me then you will focus too much on that deadline and it will become a negative. I told myself that the important thing was to finish the programme no matter how long it took - in the end I did it in about 11 weeks which considering I am middle aged, overweight and the last time I did any exercise was in PE at school wasn't too bad.

You need to go through the programme your way :-)


Glad this one went a bit better for you. You aren't the only self-doubter on here - not by miles and miles and miles!

Plodding on to the end of the programme is a really good way to build up self-confidence though - every tough bit you get through chips away at the self-doubt a little bit. Well it did for me anyway! So keep going forwards!


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