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B210k W4R3 not quite

I knew time was tight and the half term break approaching meant that energy levels were getting low but slightly achy knees from 90 minutes of dancing on Weds night meant I half wanted to play it safe. Still no excuses. I made a conscious decision to do two thirds of the W4R3 and ended up agreeing with myself to give it 7k. Pleased enough and not at all upset with the time/ distance in the end. Just over 38 minutes was about right perhaps a tad too fast at the start but slowed down the further I went. The question is, do I just go into Week 5 on Sunday and I suspect the answer is yes.

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Fantastic time for 7k, enjoy Sunday


Thanks Phil. It was a bit of an odd run and I did feel I was (almost) opting out of the regime that B210k is. Still not did-pleased. No excuses next week as I'm on half term break!!


Amazing James! Enjoy half term and good luck for Sunday.

Keep on Running :-)

Colette x


if you have done 2 runs of this week then go for it :) let us know how you get on. good luck. shelley


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