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Watch those puddles !

Wow its wet under foot out there today, my beloved and I went out onto the week 5 workout 2 today, the cycle path we run along had a large puddle right across the path, i thought I would be clever and went on to the grass to go around it, got my foot caught on a bramble and fell flat on my face, luckily the ground was soft I damaged my ego, and my running kit is in the wash, but not other damage, so know how my wife didn't burst out laughing :)

We didn't stop though, got straight back up and finished,

Happy running, but be careful out there :)

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Ouch! :) Glad you didn't hurt anything other than your dignity!


Glad you're ok, my suggestion run straight through the puddles :D great fun, feel like a child again. Can be a bit chilly mind!


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