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W5R3 DONE!! I can't believe it after last week's meltdown!! :)

After my mini-meltdown last week at not being able to complete W5R2 after 3 three attempts, I have since completed it twice and today had a go at the 20min run and finished it!! Even felt good at the end of it and could possibly have kept going. Slowing my pace slightly from 10kph to 9kph has really made all the difference to my stamina and endurance and was obviously the key to getting past this.

So happy with myself at this achievement and REALLY has me believing I can do the 5k now! :)

Again, thanks to the inspiration from these blogs and the wee push a few members gave me last week.

Week 6 here I come!!

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Fantastic! The 20 minute run is a real step-up in the course. As always, no matter how bad a run anybody has, there is always somebody on these forums who has been there before and can give you the support/kick up the behind you need.

Trust me, I've had my fair share of bad runs along the way and, if the rain and snow will give it a rest for an hour, I'm about to head out for W9R2 and there is not a chance I'd have gotten this far without some of the contributors on here :0)


It's experiences like this that I know will drive me onwards when I get these difficult times, if you have done it before me, then I can do it too... Thank you all for your contributions, without them I doubt I'd even have considered signing up.


Well done mig - that is so lovely to hear. It must have taken a lot of determination to get past that. Respect! :)


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