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hi al I saw this website reading the carers paper sent to me by chilll a carer's website

I decieded to join so I am a new member with a question.

I have a abdomal hernia which sometimes give me excess heartburn and pain

I enjoy dancing as a form of exercise as well as fun

when I have exersied either using the rowing machine etc I get not only pain but abloated stomach also done some other forms of exercise running up and down stairs etc but still bloated stomach so is there any form of exercise I can try that will not only leave me with no bloated tummy but will be good for me ? Tiggs54

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You probably need to speak to your GP re this. :-)


thanks for replying tiggs54


As Lynds says you should talk to your GP, but all forms of exercise are good to for you as long as you do it right.


thanks lulu-tiggs54


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