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Running outdoors safer than being in the house?

Went for my usual 5K run this morning no problems body wise then got home off with the trainers and into my slippers and “ouch!” small splinter or possible small thorn stabs my big toe. Pair of tweezers solved the problem but made me smile that no injuries or serious aches running but simple task of putting on my slippers inflicts injury.

Still not managed 5K in 30 minutes today’s run was 34 minutes which is slower than normal but I felt better no aches, not gasping for breath so I hope I am building stamina and then I can concentrate on upping the speed.

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Funny story! Savaged by slippers! :)

Building stamina sounds good, more sensible than pushing on for speed but being uncomfortable.


Stinging slippers, nasty could be dangerous as theres lots of slippers going about!! :)

I mixed up my running after graduation to build strength and stamina which also improved my speed. Why not try some HIIT (high intensive interval training) it worked wonders for me and I knocked 4 minutes off my 5K time in a few months. You can build HIIT into lots of exercises, not just running, such as swimming, rowing, cycling. It doesn't need to be done for too long in anyone session which is great for time strapped working people.


Thanks for the suggestion of HIT do you have any websites you would recommend where I can find more information or should I just google search


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