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Week 6 - Day 1

Hi, this is my first ever blog so might not be that good :), just to give you an overview, started Week 1,2,3 doing C25K outside, then the snow came headed for the treadmill, I haven't been back outside yet, treadmill is so much easier on a dodgy back & sore knees, haven't really caught the bug of running outside yet, which I hope to do once the weight has gone. I have started lifting weights & doing a bit more cardio to complement C25K & have lost a stone & 4lbs in 5 weeks. Feel so much better & eating right.

On to yesterday I increased the treadmill speed to 9 & walking speed to 6.5, my fastest yet & was hard but worth it, my walking speed used to be my running speed :) amazing what a difference this can make. Hope that was ok for a first blog :)

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Hi. I'm a first time blogger on here too - it read fine to me!

Well done on the weight loss - that is amazing in such a short space of time.

I have only run outside so far and felt really self-conscious at first and would only stay in one part of the park but now I've got braver and run round the whole thing. I know it's hard but don't worry about other people looking at you. Anyone who's running will understand and those who aren't will probably wish they had the motivation to be doing what you are!

Good luck :-)


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