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W5 R1

I'd say it was a walk in the park but that would be a lie. It was a jog down the road :)

My legs are feeling it a bit now but that's entirely my fault as I only finished week 4 yesterday. I was a very bad girl and ignored Laura's advice, now she's demonstrating her omnipotence in crippling me from the waist down.

Never mind, I'm sure I'll be fine for Thursday/Friday (depending on motivation levels).

3 x 5 mins really wasn't that bad! Bring on the 8 minute runs!! :) Stick with it all!

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Well done...I also did W5 R1 yesterday and found it pleasantly surprisingly amazingly less difficult than anticipated. R2 scheduled for tomorrow 6am....Keep going its so worth it...nutritional for the mind as well as the run days fill me with good feeling :)


Very well done in getting to week 5!!!! Even if you feel okay, your body truly needs the day or two of recovery. You muscles continue to build even on rest days. Good luck with week 5!! Gayle


Well done ... i also done week 5 run 1 today as well can't believe i have got this far, i shout from the roof tops about this programme!! good luck for your next run, mine will be on Friday xx


Thanks, same to you! I've been recommending Laura to everyone, she's practically a celebrity in my flat! Best of luck for Friday, I'm hoping to head out tomorrow :) xx


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