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Can increased fitness lead to temporary dizziness?

After all this training I felt dizzy getting up from my chair and thought I had a blood pressure problem. This was OK when when I checked, but my heart rate was down at 47 bpm. This is the lowest I have seen it.

My colleague says that it is normal for this when training, but I have not heard about t before. Anyone know what causes it and is he right?

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I would pay your GP a visit as any marked changes from exercise should be discussed. Your GP will, with the correct questions and examinations be able to either tell you it's fine or give you a way forward. I wouldn't worry at all but I would have a chat or it will bug you.

Let us know how you get on :)


I would agree you should mention this to your GP, blood pressure dropping suddenly can cause dizziness, as can low blood sugar (something I have to watch for). Your pulse rate does seem low (although athletes can be below 60) but again your GP is the best judge of whether it's a problem or not. Take care & make sure you get a check up.


- postural hypotension can cause dizziness/lightheadedness when standing from sitting as can a low heart rate.

- heart rate can be low in people who are very fit.

If you exercise and don't have shrtness of breath, then its porbably not something to worry about, but if it continues I would check it out with my GP or practice nurse, just to be on the safe side


Thanks for the advice. I just ran 6r2 with no issue outside and my HR was in a good range for the run. I am away on business this week, but back in the UK next, so will try and get an appointment with the GP.

I will keep you posted!!


Big Mig (Miguel Indurain - Tour de France multi-winner) apparently had a resting heart rate of only 28 but that is exceptionally low and in a top athlete at the peak of condition. 47 does seem a bit low. Mine is 67 which for a male of 62 is apparently "very good".


Thanks oldned, I think I would be really worried at 28, but I am certainly no where near that level. I just got back from dinner and am lying face down on the bed, typing and it went from 100 to 59 whilst writing this.

I will get it checked as suggested I think, maybe I am super fit after all LOL!


Just a quick update. I saw my GP and he asked me to get an ECG and bloodiest to be sure. Had them today and will get the results next week or so.


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